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Model No.: FWB14-12

12-port wall mount fiber optical patch panels

Model No.: FWB14-12

12-port splicing in notebook style which allows for splicing and connection, It fits for wall mount and 19-inch rack mount ,Rack mount enclosure system, 19″ rack mountable distribution box, wall mount splice & distribution box, outdoor fiber splice & distribution cabinet, It offers highly-engineered, quality-tested solutions for fiber optic cable management, distributions, terminations, splices and storage.

• Splice and distribution modules are inserted inside.
• Each module has reliable position guiding devices.
• Modules can be pulled out from the unit.
• Low profile high-density design, made of aluminum alloy housing, light in weight.
• Fuse and quick to manage.
• With wide working space, easy to withdraw the fibers when testing and distributing.
• Coupling options: FC, SC, ST ,LC.