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Model No.: FCS1402-4

Single Mode out Optical Cable

Model No.: FCS1402-4

In the structure of Model GYXS optical cable, the single mode or multimode optical fibers are jacketed by loose tube and the tube is made of high modulus polyester. Inside the tube, it is full of waterproof filling compound, in which no elemental hydrogen could be detected. Outside the loose tube, it is wrapped longitudinally by a layer of both sides plastic coated ripple steel tape and the waterproof material between the steel tape and loose tube is used to ensure compact optical cable structure and longitudinal waterproof. There are two parallel steel wires on the two sides of the loose tube and they are sheathed by PE to form an optical cable.

• The medium density PE sheath features perfect mechanical tensile strength, weatherproof, abrasive resistance and good environmental stress cracking performance.
• The longitudinally wrapped both side plastic coated steel tapes and waterproof tape could effectively prevent tube from shrinking and improve optical cable waterproof, penetration resistance and moisture-proof.
• It is convenient in construction as its small diameter, light weight and perfect performance-price ratio.
• The remaining length of optical fiber is controlled precisely to ensure prefect mechanical performance and temperature characteristics of optical cable.
• The loose tube material itself has perfect hydrolysis resistance and high strength. The special filling paste inside the loose tube is seed to protect the optical fiber.