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100+ innovative companies already trust Nexzone to build their elite enterprise teams.
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Why innovative companies prefer Nexzone
  • exceptional-talent-only Speed Rapid team assembly in just 14 days, accelerating your project timelines and ensuring faster deliverables.
  • quick-time-to-hire Expertise Access to a curated pool of elite ERP professionals, ready to tackle complex enterprise challenges on-demand
  • leading-technology-platform Scalability Agile solutions designed for growth, enabling your business to scale up or down effortlessly as needs evolve
  • reduce-expenses Affordability Achieve exceptional results with top-tier talent, all while avoiding the high costs typically associated with traditional agencies
Enterprise Software Solutions
Dive into our suite of specialized services, offering end-to-end expertise for the world's leading corporate software platforms
  • Salesforce Comprehensive end-to-end Salesforce solutions.
  • Oracle Oracle expertise, from setup to success.
  • Netsuite Full-service Netsuite implementations.
  • SAP Seamless SAP integrations and support.
  • Microsoft Turnkey Microsoft software services.
  • Odoo Comprehensive Odoo services, tailored to fit.
  • Sage Sage solutions, tailored for you.
  • Infor End-to-end Infor expertise and solutions.
How Nexzone works
01. Brief
Project Blueprint
Outline your software needs and desired outcomes. This initial stage ensures we fully grasp your unique enterprise objectives.
02. Connect
Expert Matching
Based on your briefing, we curate a selection of our best-suited ERP experts, streamlining the process to find your perfect fit.
03. Collaborate
Team Synergy
Dive into collaboration with your tailored team. Together, leverage their expertise for efficient, agile solutions, driving transformative results for your enterprise.
Discover our trusted tech experts
  • Experienced
    Experienced Our elite talents boast strong technical proficiencies and extensive experience with enterprise software platforms.
  • Professional
    Professional Our experts are embodiments of professionalism, combining a commitment to excellence with proven remote collaboration capabilities.
  • Native and bilingual
    Communication Nexzone's talents are proficient in English, ensuring seamless written and verbal communication for your projects.
  • Adaptable
    Certified Our talents hold recognized certifications in enterprise software platforms, ensuring the highest standards of knowledge and expertise for your projects.
  • U.S. and E.U. Time zones
    Collaboration Nexzone ensures that talents are aligned with your time zones, making real-time collaboration effortless and productive.
  • exciting to feel supported by Talenthaus and do what I love while experiencing new challenges
    "It's exciting to feel supported by Nexzone and do what I love while experiencing new challenges." Arog Netsuite ERP Expert
  • At Talenthaus we can feel part of a place where each of us is appreciated for who we really are
    "At Nexzone we can feel part of a place where each of us is appreciated for who we really are." Maya Salesforce Developer
  • amazing to work with such talented people who respect me, set an example, and help me grow
    "It's amazing to work with such talented people who respect me, set an example, and help me grow." Edin Devops Engineer
Success Stories
Dive into real-world examples of how Nexzone's elite talents have driven transformative results for businesses across diverse industries.
#nexzonelove 🥰
  • Alexandra
    Alexandra Morris TechFusion Ltd.
    "Nexzone's ERP experts streamlined our operations. Exceptional service and efficiency. Highly recommended!"
  • Jordan
    Jordan Kim Alpha Dynamics
    "Nexzone delivered on their 14-day team assembly promise. Truly outstanding!"
  • Zach Wyman's Photo
    Liam Thompson GreenSolutions
    "Moved from high-fee agencies to Nexzone; the efficiency and value are incomparable."
  • Priya
    Priya Narayan InnovateTech
    "Nexzone's agile and scalable solutions made our software transition seamless."
  • Elena
    Elena Vasquez EnterpriseSolve
    "Initially hesitant about system transition, Nexzone's expertise made it effortless."
  • Carlos
    Carlos Delgado GlobalTrade Inc.
    "From Salesforce to Oracle, Nexzone's knowledge depth is commendable. A top-tier solution."
About Us
Nexzone started with a clear vision...

To link leading enterprise talents across the globe with the opportunities they rightfully deserve. Building enterprise teams involves complexities, taking up significant time and resources. A wrong hiring decision can hinder the growth of expanding businesses. This scenario was personally witnessed by Nexzone's co-founder and CEO after his previous endeavor.

"Alex", an outstandingly skilled and experienced enterprise specialist from Eastern Europe, was unexpectedly let go under new management. In his place, two local talents were hired, who had no prior experience with enterprise systems. What's more, their combined costs were several times more than what Alex was paid. The CEO was taken aback, realizing that Alex's exceptional skills were overlooked for pricier talents lacking relevant expertise, simply due to their locality.

Since 2018, Nexzone has refined its selection process, meticulously choosing remote enterprise professionals and pairing them with roles that precisely align with their expertise.

We are firm believers that elite businesses should have access to premium enterprise talent, and the most talented enterprise professionals should be able to work with leading businesses. No exceptions.
  • 450+ Talent in our network
  • 75+ Happy clients
  • 92+ Successful projects
  • 89 Our Current NPS Score
Start Your Digital Transformation
  • London 71-75 Shelton Street
    Covent Garden
    WC2H 9JQ

  • Tallinn Telliskivi 60a/5
    Estonia 10412
  • USA 33 Irving Pl,
    New York,
    NY 10003
Frequently asked questions
What sets Nexzone apart from traditional agencies?
Unlike traditional agencies that often come with high fees and longer timelines, Nexzone offers a cost-effective solution. We guarantee a team assembly within 14 days, ensuring swift deliveries using agile development techniques. Plus, our platform consists of elite talents specialized in major enterprise software.
How do you ensure the quality of the talents on your platform?
Every talent on Nexzone undergoes a rigorous selection process that assesses their technical expertise, experience with enterprise software, and communication skills. This ensures that you're connected with only the best experts in the field.
Can Nexzone cater to businesses of all sizes?
Absolutely! Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Nexzone's scalable solutions are tailored to meet diverse needs. Our platform offers end-to-end services, making it a fit for projects of any scale.
How does Nexzone handle time zones and collaboration?
We prioritize time zone alignment to make collaboration straightforward. Our talents are adept at remote work and ensure timely communication, aligning with your business hours for optimal efficiency.
What enterprise software platforms does Nexzone specialize in?
exzone boasts talents skilled in a range of enterprise software, including but not limited to Salesforce, Oracle, Netsuite, SAP, Microsoft, Sage, Infor, and Odoo. This diverse expertise ensures we can cater to a wide spectrum of software needs.